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Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Everyone who has ever worn the badge, or had a family member who wears one, knows the ultimate sacrifice might be asked of them.  We know in an instant, any assignment can turn into danger, then death, then unending sorrow.

When a police officer dies in the line of duty it is a tragedy for the entire community, but it is forever a memory of fellow police officers and their families.  When line of duty deaths are compounded it’s unfathomable – police officers everywhere continue to carry the swords of their fallen comrades.

Two Chicago police officers were killed Monday night when they were hit by a train while investigating a call of shots fired on the city’s Far South Side.

Officers Eduardo Marmolejo and Conrad Gary, were killed in the line of duty while responding to a call for service on the railroad tracks.

Please keep these officers, their families, friends and co-workers in your prayers.  Keep all law enforcement officers – those who stand the line between good and evil – in your prayers everyday.

Chicago Police Officer Eduardo Marmolejo, left, and Conrad Gary.

“When I hear the call of the pipes And the tattoo of the drums as they echo in the hills, I will come and stand the line. And you should know this, That whether you stand with me or against me, I will fight till death. And if the Lord should decide to take me before you, Then you should know this. That my brothers and sons and my sisters and daughters will pick up my sword and continue to Stand the line. For oppression, anarchy and evil shall not prevail, As long as I, stand the line Today, Let us remember those warriors Who stood beside us, Today, Let us remember, We carry their swords. “

— DEA Special Agent Kevin Donnell

Photo credit: Armando L. Sanchez, E. Jason Wambsgans and Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune


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