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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

17 March 2003 -- An address to Chicago Police Officers: The following address was given by First Deputy Superintendent John R. Thomas. It is fitting and appropriate every member of this Organization hear these words. All of the words are true. Secondly, John believed this with all his heart.

"When you begin to doubt the nobility of your mission or the sanctity of your profession because your heart is heavy, or you feel anger, disillusionment, disenfranchisement, betrayed or confused -- stop and listen to the voices rising from those sacred stars that are enshrined at 35th Street; the voices that rise up from the folded City flags that are encased and at rest in homes through this city; listen to the voices rising from a field in Pennsylvania, from a wall at the Pentagon and from the spot of earth the world has come to know as Ground Zero. Because if you listen, you will hear those souls tell you "Thank You" for what you do as the police, hear them cheering you on. Let them carry you through this difficult moment, allow them to nourish you and encourage you - and doubt no more - for you are warriors and champions for those who have gone before and to those most vulnerable now. You are admired and respected, for you are the best at what you do. God Bless you and God Bless America."

These are the words of

John R. Thomas

First Deputy Superintendent

Chicago Police Department



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