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Serving others.

From WGN :: Families of fallen officers and firefighters gathered at Brookfield Zoo Sunday for the second annual 100 Club Picnic.

Since 1966, the 100 club has served 256 families, given $9 million dollars in assistance to families of the fallen, families who’ve lost a loved one in the line of duty serving in law enforcement or firefighting in Cook and Lake Counties.

Brian Flisk was one of the hundreds who attended as part of the 100 Club.  Brian lost his dad, Chicago police officer Michael Flisk in November 2010. Flisk was an evidence technician, taking photos  of a burglary scene when he was shot and killed.  The 100 Club is now helping to pay for Brian’s college education. Brian would like to join the CPD as well.

“They assured that I would be able to follow my dreams, follow my father’s footsteps,” Brian said. “There’s no putting into words how much their support means to my family and all the other families of first responders.”

For Brian and his siblings, it meant an education and support through a tough time, so he can concentrate on serving others in honor of his dad.


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