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Honoring a fallen Hero.

Sharing from: Elliot Davis FOX2: It was my privilege today to pay my respects to Illinois State Trooper Nick Hopkins at the Visitation in Waterloo Illinois Trooper Hopkins was killed last week in the line of duty while serving a warrant in East Louis.

I was one of thousands who came to Waterloo High School and without complaint stood in line on this warm day more than two hours to show my support for the fallen Trooper and his family.

A lot of those here knew Trooper Hopkins. This was his home town and he was their hometown hero.

Many others had never meet Nick Hopkins but saw in him the embodiment of Law Enforcement Officers everywhere and wanted to show their support for those who put their lives on the line for our safety.

Often Law Enforcement Officers are maligned, criticized and insulted by the loudest voices in the room that include many Elected Officials. It’s sad and tragic occasions like this where the silent majority speaks loud and clear. They voice their support without saying a word. They say how much they respect, admire and honor Trooper Nick Hopkins without saying a word.

Just the presence of the thousands of people here today speaks volumes.

I had the honor of meeting Trooper Hopkins Uncle who introduced me to other family members. All talked of how wonderful a man Nick was, and how much he cared for the job of serving the community. And they talked about his love of family. He had a wife and three kids and many other relatives and friends who loved him.

I also talked briefly with Brendan Kelly who took over as Director of the Illinois State Police earlier this year. He had been St Clair County State’s Attorney.

Director Kelly, who I’ve known more than a decade, says this is the 3rd Troopers Funeral He’s been too since taking the job earlier this year. That’s tough anyway you cut it.

So many people are trying to understand how is it that 2 Law enforcement Officers were killed in our area in such a short period of time. Officer Mike Langsdorf of the North St Louis County Cooperative was killed in the line of duty in June.

It is a heartbreaking time.

It takes a special person to be willing to put his life on the line for the rest of us. While we’re running away from the trouble the brave men and women of Law Enforcement are running to it the amazing thing is that people like Nick Hopkins still signed up to do this dangerous job where often the job does not get the appreciation it deserves from the public until mass shootings like Dayton and El Paso come along.

And now Law Enforcement Officers have to deal with increasingly violent criminals that have become even deadlier because they think Police can’t be as tough as need be because of the way Police been attacked by elements of society that includes some elected officials who have jumped on the anti Police Bandwagon.

But today Trooper Hopkins family saw just how much he was appreciated, admired and respect by the many thousands who made their voices heard loud and clear today, without saying a word.

Trooper Nicholas Hopkins , Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

It’s also a good time to say thanks to all in Law enforcement willing to risk their lives to save ours.


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