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A hero.

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

A man gets up in his home, the man probably prepares a meal, interacts with his wife and children and gets ready for work. This man gets dressed, probably kisses the family goodbye and drives to work for his normal shift.

This man has just recently completed his probation and is a full fledged member of his employment community, a proud accomplishment entering a career he wanted and completing everything asked of him for 18 months. Unlike other jobs a career in law enforcement is more demanding, requires more training than most, and an understanding of the dangers that surround officers all across this country. Yet this man, a man we can now call hero put his life in danger to answer the call for help at a hospital where people lives are in danger. Had this hero continued on with his other assignment he and his partner would have never placed themselves in danger, instead they answered the calls for help. This man, this hero stepped up and responded like he was trained, his unselfish and heroic response probably saved many lives.

This hero and his actions diverted the attention of a killer from innocent people towards himself. This hero stood in the line of fire, disregarding his own safety trying to save the lives of others, which he accomplished as he gave his life for theirs, people he probably never knew, and who probably did not know him.

This hero will not be going home tonight to his family, he will not repeat his daily routine with his family. This hero will not enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with his family, he will never see his children grow into adults, he will leave them with a pain in their hearts that will never heal, he will never be forgotten by them and his friends will always remember him as their friend, their buddy and their comrade. The City will remember him as a hero, but sadly life will go on, guns will be on the streets, criminals will still hold the City hostage. Officer Jimenez in his short life has made a impression on his family and friends and will be remembered for his heroic actions today, and a City owes him a debt they can never pay.

God speed young man take your rightful place in heaven with the men and women who have preceded you as heroes.

Cooper (RET) Chicago Police Department


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